The European Hot sauce Awards is part of the 2022 Berlin Chili Festival with the awards given for 2023, the competition is open to all launched hot sauces from the continent of Europe, the landmass not the union.

Our aim is to showcase the very best hot sauce that Europe has to offer.


We have 7 award categories, entrants can enter all of the categories (maximum one per category), sauces must arrive at our office by the deadline on the 31st August 2022.

Judging will take place in early September 2022, with the award ceremony taking place at the Berlin Chili Fest, Judging will take place with our experts by blind tasting, the judges will not know anything about the sauce, apart from the entered category

How it is judged :
Our experts will be marking the sauce out of 10 in five categories:

  • Aroma / nose
  • Use of chilis/heat profile
  • Flavour / palate
  • Creativity / individuality / memorability
  • Finish / aftertaste / afterburn

it’s important that the sauce is entered in the correct category.

full feedback from the judges is available on request, for every sauce entered.

the full terms and conditions CLICK HERE.


Please decide first the category you wish to enter hot sauce in, Each category entry costs A€ with a maximum 1 entry per category and up to 7 categories in total.

For each entry you will need to send us 3 bottles of the sauce for the judges, these need to be professionally labeled, sealed, and have a valid “best before date”, and must reach our office by the 31st August 2021, all sauces posted should have tracking details provided.

Prize breakdown click here

please fill out the entry form below